author, photographer

b. June 13, 1842
St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland[1]

m. January 6, 1895
Glasgow, Scotland[1]

b. June 5, 1861
Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland[1][3]
d. October 30, 1920
Florence, Italy[1][2]

d. November 06, 1918
32 Via dell' Erta Canina, Florence, Italy[1][2]


(as author, co-author, compiler, photographer)

Assisi and Orvieto, Boston, Page & Co., 1907

Christian Rome, London, E. G. Richards, 1906

Evolution in Italian Art, Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen,
London, Grant Richards, 1908

Florence, Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen,
New York, A. Wessels, 1906

Paris, Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen
London, G. Richards, 1897

Perugia and the Smaller Towns,
Boston, Page & Co., 1907

The Smaller Tuscan Towns,
London, Grant Richards, 1912

The Umbrian Cities of Italy,
Boston, L. C. Page, 1907

The Umbrian Towns, London,
Grant Richards, 1901

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