Walter Henry JOHNSTON

author, editor, translator

b. Jan 20 or 21, 1895
Ealing, Brentford, Middlesex[1][2][3][4]
(as W. H. LEVI, name changed in 1920[5])

m. Jul-Sep 1936, Hampstead, Middlesex
Betty KROSOFF[6]

d. Jan-Mar 1957
Leeds, West Riding, Yorkshire, England[7]


Arthur Joseph LEVI
b. Oct 6, 1862, Berlin, Prussia, Germany

m. Aug 31, 1893, New York

Mary Frances JOHNSTON
b. Oct 17, 1862, New York, USA

res.: 17 Arlington Road, Ealing, London[1][3]


Anna Katharine
b. March 9, 1896, London


St. Paul's School, London
Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A.[8]


assistant editor, Yorkshire Post, Leeds[9]


9 Amhearst-road, Ealing, London (1920)[5]


as author:

Building a little ship, G. Allen & Unwin, London, 1935

as translator:

Christianity and Fear (Das Christentum und die Angst),
Oskar Robert PFISTER (1873-1956),
G. Allen & Unwin, London, 1948

Ethical Principles in Theory and Practice,
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(Deutschlands Rückkehr zum Weltmarkt),
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Hegel's Science of Logic,
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HEGEL (1770-1831),
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Ludendorff, the Tragedy of a Military Mind
(Ludendorff. Die Tragödie des Fachmanns.),
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Erwin SCHRÖDINGER (1887-1961),
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The Spirit of British Policy
and the Myth of the Encirclement of Germany,
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or, the Conquest of Superstition
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(Die natürliche Ordnung unseres Denkens),
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(Das Weltbild der neuen Physik/
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