Major Carl Albert THIMM, F.R.G.S.

author, bookseller, librarian, publisher

b. Jul-Sep 1855, St. George, Hanover Square, London, England

m. 1st: Sep 1881, St. Giles, London
Annie Helen HAYWOOD
b. Apr-Jun 1858, Derby, Derbyshire
d. Apr-Jun 1931, Lambeth, Age: 73

divorced in 1895

m. 2nd: Apr-Jun 1907, Croydon
Lizzie Louisa LAKE or Hilda Winifred MERRILL

d. Jan-Mar 1932, Lambeth, London, England, age: 76


Helen Marguerite, b. Apr-Jun 1882, St. Giles
(other sources: Rangoon, India), m. Oct-Dec 1903, Marylebone
Alice Daisy, b. March 1883, London


Franz Louis Julius THIMM
author, bookseller, publisher
b. abt. 1820/1, Prussia (Berlin?), Germany
went to England in 1839
d. July 6, 1889, Stanhoe Lodge, Fortis Green, Middlesex

m. Jul-Sep 1851, Chelsea

b. abt. 1828, Malta
d. Apr-June 1898, East Preston, Sussex
5(?) children


Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
Honorary Librarian to the Inventors' Institute, London
Member of the Library Association of the United Kingdom

dates and events:

1871 bookseller, Hanover Sq., London
1884 librarian to the International Health Exhibition of 1884, London
1891 author, publisher; living with father-in-law Frederick Haywood in Bloomsbury
1901 late Captain 2nd London Rifles, staying with sister-in-law Elizabeth Thimm in London
1909 librarian to the Sleeping Sickness Bureau, "Bibliography of Trypanosomiasis" published
1920-1930 British Telephone Directories, Streatham, London
1931 obituary for Sir David Bruce by Major C. A. Thimm, late South African Field-Force,
in The Times, Tuesday, Dec 1, 1931, p. 19, col. C